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Platinum Purchase Plan
    Buy direct through our sister company, Australia’s Biggest and Best Import Car Dealership: Edward Lee’s Japanese Auto Centre Pty Ltd. (Established 1966. See our website at
We supply:

The risk of getting a lemon is all ours! The headaches, pitfalls and worries of importing direct are gone and the savings are there for you!

The Process

Step1)  Initial research.  Call Phil to discuss the type of car you want, availability and the landed, lot prepared and registered price. All our costs will be included in the price. Expect to save big money on the normal market price / dealer price!

Step 2)   Agree on a price and details of the car you want  -  Send $1000 initial deposit to Edward Lee's Japanese Auto Centre Pty Ltd together with signed purchase agreement detailing the type of car and price.
Step 3) Wait for the right car

Step 4)  Ship the Vehicle  -  This will take 4 - 6 weeks depending on when the next ship is available. Please specify the destination port to the Japanese supplier. Certain times of year (holidays etc) can cause interruptions.

Step 5)  Comply your car - This can be as quick as 10 -14 days and it can take longer eg if there is a shortage of plates, discussion items from DOTARS or the workshop is backed up.

Step 6)   Register your car and drive it home!  -  In most states a blue slip or roadworthiness inspection must  be completed before the car can be registered. This can usually be done by the workshop complying the car.

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