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VIP Purchase Plan                                            

We organise and orchestrate the lot from purchase to delivery to your driveway. VIP Purchase Plan Fee $1595.

The Process

Step 1) Get Full Auction Access (Access Fee $100) Send your initial Auction Access Fee of $100 to: Fat Frog Imports: St George Bank Account: BSB 112879: Account Number 482376149 

Step 2) Prepare to place a bid! Send balance of $1495 to Fat Frog Imports when you are ready to place a bid (account details above). We are now ready to bid on the upcoming cr of yoy choice.

Step 3)  Pre-Arrange compliance (Done by Fat Frog Imports). A $500 plate deposit must be sent to the compliance company to secure a compliance plate.

Step 4)  Place a Bid Get the car thoroughly checked by our suppliers and place a bid

Step 5) Pay the Japanese  supplier . We will email you the Japanese bank account details of the supplier. Funds should be sent the same day or next day. This will be an FOB fee inluding all Japanese costs

Step 6)  Import Approval  (Done by Fat Frog Imports) We will alert your compliance company as to your purchase and arrange an import approval within 7 days. Pay Gas License fee.

Step 7)  Ship the Vehicle  (Arranged by Fat Frog Imports) We will arrange all shipping details.  This will take 4 - 6 weeks.

Step 8)  Australian Customs Clearance and Quarantine  (Arranged by Fat Frog Imports) We will do all the hard slog to pay import duty and process the vehicle through Australian Quarantine. Most vehicles are required to be steam cleaned at quarantine (an additional expense). We will invoice you for this process (see our cost calculator)

Step 9)  Transport to the Compliance Workshop  (Arranged by Fat Frog Imports) We arrange a fully insured car carrier to take your vehicle to the Compliance workshop to be complied. (It cannot be driven in Australia yet!). Cost to you approximately $150.

Step 10)  Comply your car  (Arranged by Fat Frog Imports) Compliance costs can range from $3000 up to $5500 including new tyres, depending on the type of car

Step 11)  Register your car and drive it home!  In most states a roadworthiness inspection must be completed before the car can be registered. This can usually be done by the workshop complying the car

See our cost calculators  (Click here to work out the exact cost and huge savings)

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