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Disclaimer: Please note that when using this service we are not acting as a licensed car dealer neither are we offering the statutory or consumer protection offered by Australian licensed car dealers under Australian law including the sale of goods act or motor dealers act. There are many rewards (mainly price saving) and some risks associated with buying this way (Caveat Emptor the Latin for buyer beware) I understand that whilst Fat Frog Imports will endeavour to give me the best advise to help me with my purchase, there is no guarantee of the quality of the vehicle or vehicles that I may purchase in this manner. Please note that Fat Frog imports will check and describe a car professionally and thoroughly but this is not a guarantee or an NRMA or RACQ inspection. All used cars will have wear and tear and possible mechanical faults. Our aim is to be as accurate as possible when checking out a car with the limited time and facilities available in an auction car park. I understand that I am buying directly from a third party in Japan to supply me with a car. Whilst this third party is recommended by Fat Frog Imports and has been tried andf tested over many years by Fat Frog Imports, there is no guarantee of the quality of the goods from this third party, nor guarantee of the integrity of the third party. If you have successfully bid on a vehicle and do not transfer the balance of monies owed to the Japanese supplier you will forfeit all monies paid. This will only partially cover the supplier’s cost to put the vehicle back through auction again.Please note that the fee of $1595 charged when purchases are made under the VIP Purchase Plan is for our organising and logistics management. This fee is additional to all the listed costs. Any unforseen costs must be borne by the client. Such costs could include but are not exclusive to wharf storage fees, additional costs consequential to importing a non-standard vehicle or chassis damaged or rusty vehicle. Our service fee is non-refundable.By completing the following form I am consenting to agree to the above disclaimer.

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