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About Us...                                                                                  

Fat Frog Imports is a natural addition to the many services that Edward Lee offers in the automotive world of imports.

We are a family run enterprise. Edward was born in 1938 so he is no spring chicken! He spends most of his time with grand children and playing golf! The daily running of things is left to Philip Lee, Edwards son. Edward is a recent Past President of both MTA (Motor Traders Association) and the MTAA (Motor Traders Association of Australia) an honour that has never been given to a used car dealer either before or since his term as President.

Edward has recognised a niche market in which import enthusiasts want to own these unique vehicles at the lowest possible prices. To help people achieve this we have created Fat Frog Imports as a distinct brand offering a premium service for an affordable price.

Because we are part of a vertically integrated business we are able to offer this service at a lower price than our competitors at a better service.

Why is our Service Better?       

  • Our price is the lowest                                                      
  • Our standards are the highest
  • We do not operate from a bedroom or basement
  • Our team can arrange a personal loan or car loan if you don't have all the funds required
  • Our contacts and buyers in Japan are the best and are tried and proven over more than 10 years
  • We are an established enterprise with millions invested in having the best staff and providing the best service. We can comply your car in-house within our group of companies - so no delays, unexpected bills or shoddy compliance work.
  • Our group of companies includes our RAWS Compliance Workshops Terranocraft Pty Ltd and Golee Pty Ltd, a large Service Centre, a Loan Centre and Edward Lee's Japanese Auto Centre our retail sales outlet with over $2million of cars in stock: go to for more info...

Philip and Edward Lee


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 Fat Frog Imports 
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